Technical Support

  • Short-Term Instrument Operation
  • Supplement Repair Staff
  • Product Start-Up Support
  • Technical Support Documentation

"Good Technical Support cannot be measured,
except in the repeat sales it brings"

Short Term Technical Support:
With engineers costing in the region of 1.00 per minute and upwards, it becomes prohibitively expensive to have them hire unfamiliar instruments for a "one-off" task and then learn how to operate the instruments to deliver useful results.

A further complication arises if custom cables and/or test probes need to be fabricated in order to get the measurement done. If we don't have the cable in our toolbox, we'll make it!

It makes economic sense to hire people that have many collective years of experience operating a variety of instruments. And you only pay for the time spent on site (subject to our travel charge policy conditions).

Long Term Technical Support:
Many companies can not embark on the immediate expense of setting up a technical support division for a new product line they are wishing to market. Because of this, many companies try to survive without any form of technical support until the product is yielding sufficient return such that the required technical support can be funded. This often results in loss of product credibility and, subsequently, a loss of sales.

It is here that we can help bridge the technical support gap from the outset of a product's life to when the product has made its mark on the marketplace and is yielding the necessary returns to fund an in-house support division.

We can also assist in identifying areas where technical support will need to be concentrated on thus alleviating the embarrassment of not knowing the answers to customer's queries. We are fully equiped to deal with all three phases of support being pre-sales, at-sales, and after-sales technical support.

Further to this, we can assist in setting up an on-line technical support system and also liaise with your suppliers with regards product improvement and/or required design changes.

Even if the product is your own, we can assist in alleviating the limited resources of your R&D department from having to contend with customer issues until a fully fledged service department is formed - their time is best spent on improving the product and/or creating new ones.

In the final phase we train your support staff in the product such that the technical support appears seamless to your clientele.

Various contracts are available from "pay by the hour" through to long term retained services.

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