Electronic Design & Repair

  • Design
  • Design Verification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repair
  • 'Diagram-From-Product' creation

Our services range from helping understanding circuits through to seeking alternative components and supplementing your own repair staff.

Our 4 main areas of expertise are:

This includes alternative design when a circuit can no longer function, but a new one will take the place of it (valve defunct but transistor will do job).

Design Verification:
When there is doubt the circuit will work, we'll build it as well as test it, and then tell you if and where it failed and (if appropriate) what changes were needed to make it functional.

In this category, we also help locate the reason a circuit keeps failing and help put into place the changes that are necessary to stop the circuit from failing again.

Reverse Engineering:
From specifying a component to a PAL that needs decoding, our expertise and experience can get most old circuits revived - including thermionic valve based designs. A product is no longer on the shelf, but there is a calling for many more. We can, in most cases, strip the device, copy the circuit, and kick start the process of having it redesigned.

Services include helping those not familiar with electronics and need help identifying faulty components.

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