Power Quality

"Not just a data gathering service,
we also tell you what the problem is!"

  • Power Quality Investigations
  • Electrical Interference Tracing
  • True Power Quality Measurements
  • Power Related Damage Assessment
  • Load / Harmonic / PQ  Surveys and Audits
  • Active Harmonic Filter and UPS Sizing
  • PQ Data Analysis and Report Writing
  • Temporary Instrument 'Hook-Up'

FaultLink International is a definitive world leader in power quality investigation and analysis, and renowned for efficiently identifying symptoms and causes of poor power quality.

Modern businesses rely on highly sensitive microprocessors, electronic controls, and computer-controlled devices. Poor power factor, under and over-voltages, and transients and spikes are not difficult to measure, yet there are other aspects more elusive and less easy to diagnose.

Poor power quality can yield unexpected symptoms contributing to major losses of revenue! This is fact. There are many aspects that can be tested, yet ignoring even the smallest of anomalies can have dire economic consequences. But electrical energy is an unusual raw material in that it is used upon delivery and can not be subjected to quality assurance before being consumed, so it remains untested.

It is therefore prudent to ensure that poor power quality is not the reason behind poor profit margins. We don't stop once having gathered the data regarding your power quality; We continue by working closely with your engineering personnel and/or contractors to quickly resolve any problem thus minimising or avoiding downtime or damage to your equipment.

Unsure if an electrical power quality symptom is being experienced? Click Here

Two avenues are available to determine if power quality issues exist:

  • You hire the power quality instrument and send files for analysis.. Click Here
  • We do the complete Power Quality Survey, Audit, or Investigation.. Click Here
FaultLink International also conducts authoritative training in Power Quality.

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