• Lightning Damage Assessment
  • Installed Protection Verification
  • Specification of New Protection for
    • Buildings
    • Radio Hi-Sites
    • Process Control

"Electronics needs electrical energy,
but some is best diverted away"

When there is physical evidence but doubt as to the cause, then "spike up the mains" is often quoted as the reason for equipment failure. Similarly, when there is a lack of evidence then "bad design" becomes a well quoted phrase.

Although lightning is not a complex subject, it is still a very misunderstood one. Our services are available to both remove the mystery behind equipment failure and also indicate the reasons behind the cause.

Experience of the lightning "black belt" in South Africa (>10 ground strikes per km² per year) has been instrumental in successfully designing lightning protection devices and systems.

Our services encompass all levels of implementing satisfactory surge protection systems from DC to RF. This includes ascertaining the size and type of protection, whether what (if any) is fitted and will protect, assist in fitting, and finally in testing.

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