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itelecma.jpg - 7120 BytesInformation Technology has come a long way from the ever popular and affordable Apple Mk II and Sinclair ZX80/1 PCs.

With experience stretching even further back than this, we can offer a range of services in the IT field.


Power and Signal Distribution:
Contrary to popular belief, the powering and signal distribution of multiple PCs is not just a case of running cables where they will not be tripped over.

Current loops are just one of the many factors that can play havoc with the sensitive electronics of a modern high speed computer. Even monitors can be affected by this. Simply disturb the screen of a financial trader for one second and notice the stress levels.

Our services can assist in not just ensuring the computer installation will not have any impact on the general power quality as a whole, but also that it not have any impact on itself. We will also ensure the signal cables are specified correctly and run where interference is kept to a minimum.


These can be daunting to set up, especially for reliable dial-in applications. With experience of modems that encompasses 75 Baud through to 56kb, our services can assist in turning a problematic modem link into a reliable one.


Services can be offered in all of the following software areas:

Operating Systems:
  • DOS
  • Windows 3.1, 9x, NT
  • Windows 2k (Pro & Server)
  • Windows XP (Pro)
  • Design and Methodologies:
    • Client Server Technologies
    • Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML
    • SQL Database and Design and implementation
    Development Languages:
    • C#
    • C++
    • Delphi
    • Visual Basic
    • MFC
    • ASP.NET
    • SQL
    • SQL Server
    Web Development Tools and Languages:
    • PhotoShop
    • Dreamweaver
    • PowerDesigner
    • ASP
    • HTML
    • Java & JavaScript
    • Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins
    • Office Add-in Development
    • NT Services
    • ActiveX
    Network Administration (includes, but not limited to):
    • IIS Web servers
    • Exchange Server 2000 and 5.5
    • ISA Firewall
    • Trend Virus Software

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